When asked how people would best describe you, are you apt to say "discerning?" Perhaps "dashing", "motivated," and "particular" might also describe your taste, style, and approach to life. Personally, I hope that somewhere in there, someone would say you're a riot. I've got a thing for people with a sense of humor and adventure, you see.

Those i hold nearest and dearest would absolutely describe me as "discerning." I've also been described as "an incredibly intelligent, breathtakingly gorgeous and ethereal woman who makes time stop." Pretty impressive, eh? Did I mention that I've also been described as "verbose with a quirky sense of humor?"

But honestly, though. My name is Salone, and my biggest joy is indulging those i spend my time with. Whether you have sophisticated fantasies, or uncomplicated desires, my only wish is for us both to have mutually blissful experiences - together.

I'm in my prime and ready to share. A late 30-something woman with flaxen hair and peaches and cream skin, I'm 5'6" in flat feet. I radiate health; I love to keep active via a myriad of outdoor activities. From ice-skating and hiking to paddleboarding, I love challenging my body. My style is modern and sleek and allows me to seamlessly move from happy hour to violet hour.

I take the company I keep very seriously, concentrating on you and only you during our time together. I'll never push you out the door - unless of course, we're running late for a playoff game with tickets on the 50-yard line.

The bottom line is this - my time with you is dedicated solely and fully to you. I plan and prepare to be my best for you, and I hope that you'll do just the same.

When you're ready to enact your best laid plans, let loose a carrier pigeon. Send up a smoke signal. If you're not privy to esoteric and outdated modes of communication, regular ol' email works perfectly.

I'll be here, thinking of ways to knock your socks off.


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