Incall and Outcall

Promises of Pure Ecstasy with Former Playboy Television Star Aria Moore

NYC: October 2nd - 5th
San Francisco, CA: October 21st - 25th

Aria Moore

Last night I awoke from a fervent dream that left me with incredible longing. You were the star of my fantasy during a frenzy of passion filled with overwhelming intimacy. What we experienced in that midnight mirage was impossibly erotic.

It all began during an extended weekend at a secluded spa getaway. We'd been seeing each other for awhile, but this time you needed days of my attention to soothe your spirit and energize your soul. That evening we were both on fire and couldn't wait to be in each other's arms. Such heated frolic was just a warm greeting for us, working up our appetites for some delicious cuisine at a nearby cafe.

As we approached our table, you envisioned my petite figure adorned in provocative whispers of burgundy lace beneath my tight, black dress. As a former fitness model, my toned, sexy legs looked spectacular atop black patent stilettos revealing perfectly manicure toes. The affair flowed with magnetism as we sipped and dined, you totally lost in my sparkling eyes and luminous smile. The conversation came so easily as we talked about your day and discussed current events in between flirty banter. A sense of pride set in as you indulged in my exquisite appearance, wondering how one lady could look so impossibly gorgeous.

As dessert arrived, the soft touch of my caress and that mischievous gleam in my eye meant that I was feeling a little naughty. Intensely arousing became the secrets that I whispered in your ear as we returned to our spa suite and a magnificent jacuzzi.

Amidst glistening bubbles and champagne toasts, my smooth skin shimmered with lavender oil as your eager hands massaged me all over. Our hot, moistened bodies were then shrouded in luxurious robes as we lounged in the boudoir. Pleasure without compromise is the only way to describe how much we enjoyed our sensual retreat...

I awoke from this glorious dream with every inch of my body craving your affection. It's no wonder. Such an enchanting rapport is a rare chemistry.

Shall we continue where we left off? Learn more about me by visiting my website and when you're ready, reach out via my contact form. After a simple screening process, we will realize this extraordinary romance.

Waiting for you...

Gentlemen 35 & Over

Pink Rule

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